Hello and welcome to this week’s message. I’m sure you have seen many colleagues and patients this week wearing their PJs as we launched our 70 day challenge to end ‘PJparalysis’. This is part of a national campaign to get patients out of their pyjamas, dressed and mobile as much as possible.

A study in 2009 showed that an average hospital patient in their 70s spends only 43 minutes per day out of bed. We know that too much bed rest can lead to a state of being deconditioned – where patients lose muscle strength and mobility. A week in bed can lead to a 10% loss in muscle strength in the elderly and building this strength back can take twice as long. This not only leads to a longer stay in hospital, but can make the difference between going home independently or requiring ongoing help and care.

It’s been great to see so many colleagues get behind this, wearing their own (eye catching and bright) PJs, signing individual pledges and hosting group exercise sessions on the ward. We were also delighted to be joined by Diana Moran – the Green Goddess of breakfast television and author and also a member of our Patient Panel. Diana came to chat to patients, visitors and staff to raise awareness of our campaign and also to sign copies of her new book – aptly titled ‘Sod Sitting, Get Moving!’

Our week of #endPJparalysis activities has generated some excellent and worthy media attention. We appeared on the BBC website and one of our Consultant Orthogeriatricians, Dr Keefai Yeong, did a great interview on the BBC Radio Surrey breakfast show (click here and listen from 01.53 into the programme).

Overall there has been a real buzz around this campaign; there’s been such enthusiasm from people across our hospitals to get involved. From a patient perspective this is a simple idea but so positive; when feeling ill we all know the impact that getting up, washed, dressed etc can make. Long periods of time in bed in a hospital gown reinforces the idea of being ‘sick’ and doesn’t aid the recovery process, either physically or mentally.

Changing the ‘bed rest’ mind-set is an ongoing cultural challenge which is part of the work we are already doing around Making Every Day Count and Red to Green (watch my video above.) This week has been a fantastic step in the right direction and testament again to the positivity of Team ASPH. However we still need your help as the campaign runs until the end of June, so please sign up to the app: www.endpjparalysis.com, and continue to highlight the issue on your wards, either through PJ parties or via any other means you think will help. Apparently I will shortly be making a PJ clad appearance so just giving you plenty of warning!

In the meantime have a great weekend and enjoy the warmer weather.

With very best wishes,

Suzanne Rankin
Chief Executive