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Venue: Education Centre, Ashford Hospital

2.00pm to 4.30pm

Agenda – Open Session


  Action Lead Report
  Declaration of Interest in the proceedings      
1 Apologies      
2 Minutes Decision AMcL Paper 2.0
3 Matters Arising      
4 Reports      
4.1 Chairman's Report Receive AMcL Paper 4.1
4.2 Chief Executive’s Report Receive AL Paper 4.2
5 Quality and Safety      
5.1 IGAC Minutes Receive TP Paper 5.1
5.2 Quality Report Assurance DF / SR Paper 5.2
5.3 Responding to the More Care less Pathway – Liverpool Care Pathway Review 2013 Assurance DF / SR Paper 5.3
5.4 Paediatric and Maternity Service Invited Review Assurance SR Paper 5.4
5.5 Clinical Quality Assurance in the New World Assurance SR Paper 5.5
6 Performance      
6.1 Balanced Scorecard Assurance LMcK / DF / SM Paper 6.1
6.2 Performance Report Assurance VB Paper 6.2
6.3 Workforce and OD Minutes Assurance LMcK Paper 6.3
6.4 Performance Report Receive JG Paper 6.4
7 Strategy and Planning      
8 Regulatory      
9 Any Other Business      
10 Questions from the Public      

Next meeting:

31st October 2013,

Ashford Hospital



Upcoming Meetings

In respect of the restrictions introduced by the Government to limit the spread of COVID-19, face-to-face meetings involving members of the public cannot take place; during this period of heightened pressure on NHS Trusts, agendas for our Board meetings will also be streamlined to the most critical business.