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Venue: Education Centre, Ashford Hospital

11.00am to 1.30pm

Agenda – Open Session


  Action Lead Report
  Declaration of Interest in the proceedings      
1 Apologies      
2 Minutes Decision AM Paper 2.0
3 Matters Arising      
3.1 Action Log   AM Paper 3.1
3.2 Junior Doctor industrial action update    DF / RP Verbal
4 Reports      
4.1 Chairman's Report Receive AM Paper 4.1
4.2 Chief Executive’s Report Receive SR Paper 4.2
5 Performance      
5.1 Performance Report Assurance BP Paper 5.1
5.2 Balanced Scorecard Assurance LM / SM Paper 5.2
5.3 Finance and Performance Committee Minutes Receive NA Paper 5.3
6 Quality and Safety      
6.1 Integrated Governance Assurance Committee Minutes Receive PB Paper 6.1
6.2 Quality Report Assurance HC / DF Paper 6.2
6.3 Safer Staffing Levels Assurance HC Paper 6.3
6.4 Trust Risk Register Tabled MI  
6.5 Board Assurance Framework Assurance SR Paper 6.5
6.6 Patient Panel Report Receive SE Paper 6.6
7 Strategy and Planning      
7.1 Winter Plan Summary 2015/16 Assurance BP Paper 7.1
8 Regulatory      
8.1 Audit Committee Minutes Decision NA Paper 8.1
8.2 Financial Management Committee Terms of Reference Approve NA Paper 8.2
9 Any Other Business      

Discuss the suggested changes to the Board agenda and agree
what changes if any are to be made from January 2016.

Decision AM  
10 Questions from the Public      

Next meeting:
28th January 2016, St Peter's Hospital


Upcoming Meetings

The next open meeting will be on the 26th March 2020 at Ashford Hospital.

The agenda and supporting documentation will be available here.

Papers presented in January 2020 are here.