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With the ICU team

Lady Forsyth-Johnson, actress, model and wife of Bruce Forsyth, paid a special visit to St. Peter’s Hospital on Tuesday 30th May to officially open a new area of the Intensive Care Unit.

Following the time her husband spent on the unit earlier this year, Lady Forsyth-Johnson said they had a special connection to the hospital and spoke of the fantastic care Bruce and the whole family received:

“It’s been a real honour for me to be part of this opening, particularly as it was just two months ago that I was here with my husband. For me the most important thing was seeing all the hard work done by all the members of the team. Although in a hospital all the equipment is really important, for me it was all about the people who work here; it felt like a community. All the emotional support that we had, it was amazing, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

The critical care team was thrilled to welcome their special guest, who gave a short speech before unveiling the plaque. They were also joined by the recently appointed Mayor and Mayoress of Runnymede, Councillor Chaudhri and his wife. Councillor Chaudri has chosen to support critical care services at the hospital, along with neonatal intensive care services, as one of his designated mayoral year charities.

Suzanne Rankin, Chief Executive, closed the event by thanking all who attended, saying: “It’s been great to be part of today’s event and I’d like to thank Lady Forsyth-Johnson for taking the time to join us and be our special guest. I’d also like to thank Mayor of Runnymede, Cllr Chaudhri, for coming along with the Mayoress, and for their support of our critical care services.

The team here do a fantastic job looking after some of our sickest patients and it can be a very tough environment – clinically and emotionally – to work in. I’m pleased that we’ve been able to make these positive changes to our Intensive Care Unit, which will provide a much better environment for both patients and staff.”