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Services we provide in the department

  • Rapid diagnostic and one-stop breast clinic service
  • Dedicated breast diagnostic and management service
  • Combined Oncology clinics
  • Oncoplastic and surgical breast reconstruction (partial, immediate and delayed)
  • Sentinel lymph node biopsy
  • Lipomodelling
  • Corrective surgery for benign and congenital breast conditions
  • Operating lists – Monday (alt weeks), Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
  • Specialist Breast care nursing staff available on both sites and present on all breast and breast oncology clinics. Nurse-led clinics are held on both sites.
  • Daily Breast Care Intervention Clinic - walk in service, maintaining open-door access for patients already under our care.
  • Arm Lymphoedema Clinic - offering a wide range of treatment from compression hosiery, laser treatment and manual lymphatic drainage.
  • Nipple and areola tattooing service
  • End of treatment ‘Holistic assessment’ clinic
  • Family History Clinic.
  • Telephone helpline.
  • Referrals via wards and GPs plus the Jarvis Breast Screening Centre.
  • Bra advice and breast prosthesis fitting clinic.
  • Follow-up Clinic


Our Clinical Team

The consulting team in the department are:


GMC: 4130541


SPH Clinics - Mon
ASH Clinics - Tue and Fri
WCH Clinics - General - Thurs (alt weeks)


GMC: 5200063


ASH Clinics - Wed and Fri
SPH Clinics - Tue


GMC: 3472367


ASH Clinics - Mon


Key Contacts

Ashford Office:
   01784 884607

St Peter's Office:
   01932 722311


Specialist Breast Care Nurses

Ashford Hospital:
01784 884411

St Peter's Hospital:
01932 722771