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Click to download the Intensive Care Unit - Information for Patients leaflet

Intensive Care Unit - Information for Patients

This leaflet aims to give simple, practical information to people whose relatives are admitted to the Intensive Care Unit at St Peter’s hospital.

You may hear the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) occasionally referred to as the Critical Care Unit. Our unit cares for a spectrum of patients from those requiring initial close monitoring following complex surgery through to those patients requiring support for life threatening conditions.

This book explains what happens in Intensive Care and is designed to supplement the information you will be given by our unit nursing and medical staff. Please do not be afraid to ask questions - we will be happy to help you ... read more

Click to download the Your Comments and Suggestions leaflet

Your Comments and Suggestions

Here in the Intensive Care Unit our aim is to provide the highest standards of care to all our patients and we hope that you are completely satisfied with the service that your friend or relative has received from us during their stay on our unit.

We are constantly reviewing our procedures in an effort to improve our standards and delivery of care, both for our patients and their visitors. Obviously, you will experience the whole event from a different perspective to the patient you are visiting. Your feedback will help us to know what we are doing well and what to change so that we can work towards reducing stress and anxiety for any future visitors ... read more