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Thrombolysis for the Treatment of Ischemic Strokes

This leaflet tells you about having thrombolysis. It explains what is involved and what the possible risks are. It is not meant to replace informed discussion between you and your doctor, but can act as a starting point for such discussions ... read more

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Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA)

A TIA is similar to a stroke, except that the symptoms only last a short amount of time. With a TIA, a blood vessel in the brain may become blocked, but the blockage clears itself ... read more

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Welcome to Cedar Ward - A guide to the Hyper Acute Stroke Unit

Welcome to Cedar ward, a 23 bedded Stroke Unit, which is located on Level 4 in the Duchess of Kent Building at St. Peters Hospital. This leaflet aims to provide simple and practical information to people whose loved ones are admitted to our unit ... read more