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Visiting Restrictions - Important COVID-19 Update

Due to the outbreak of Coronavirus we need to implement a strict visiting policy in order to safeguard our mums and newborn babies, we appreciate your support and understanding with these measures.

  1. What are the restricted visiting arrangements for women in labour at ASPH?
  2. Will my birth partner be able to be with me during my induction of labour?
  3. Will my birth partner be able to be with me at my caesarean section?
  4. Will my birth partner be able to come to labour ward with me if they have symptoms?
  5. Will my birth partner be able to stay after the birth of my baby?
  6. Can I bring my bag and baby items with me?
  7. What if I need to drop off extra supplies for a relative?
  8. Can I bring my children to visit?

Visiting will be restricted to one birth partner only during labour and for the first hour after your baby is born. There will be no access for any other visitors including children / siblings and you will not be able to bring anyone with you to any of your appointments, scans or check-ups.

Further information about COVID -19 can be found at or here.



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