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As well as monthly email bulletins, the Trust produces a quarterly newsletter for all our staff and members. You can download a PDF copy by clicking on images below. We have also reproduced the main articles that you can read online.

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Autumn 2017

  • The Trust welcomes two special visitors
  • Farewell to Aileen
  • Virtual Reality enhances Dementia Care
  • Farewell to Heather
  • New Chief Nurse
  • Inspiring visit by Cecilia Anim
  • National Organ Donation Week
  • Cutting edge endoscopic diagnostics and treatment
  • End PJ Paralysis
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Summer 2017

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Spring 2017

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Autumn 2016

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Summer 2016

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Spring 2016

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Winter 2015

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Autumn 2015

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Summer 2015

This edition also includes our Annual Review 2014/15

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Spring 2015

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Winter 2014

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Summer 2014

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Spring 2014

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Autumn 2013

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Summer 2013

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Spring 2013

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Winter 2012

  • Screening and surgery is saving lives
  • Inspirational address from Archbishop Tutu
  • Epsom Transaction Halted
  • Vigilant consultants save patient’s life twice
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Autumm 2012

  • New shop at Ashford Hospital
  • The Queen’s Award presented to Volunteers
  • All in a night’s work
  • Care Quality Commission declares us fully compliant
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Summer 2012

  • Friends celebrate double anniversaries
  • Volunteers receive Queen’s Award
  • Vascular Services
  • Major refurbishment for Ashford outpatients department
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Spring 2012

  • Congratulations to our 6000th member!
  • Introducing the Trust’s new Medical Director
  • All in a day’s work
  • New technology improving patients’ experience
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Winter 2011

  • 2011 Hospital Guide
  • Epsom Hospital
  • The Rowley Bristow Unit
  • Getting it right in outpatients
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Summer 2011

  • Nominated as Top 40 Hospital
  • Car Parking Improvements
  • Living Our Values
  • Promoting the gift of life
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Spring 2011

  • Our response to the Health Ombudsman’s Report
  • Staff rate Trust amongst the best!
  • Focus on our Emergency Services
  • Engaging our clinicians
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Winter 2010

  • Continued low mortality rates
  • Our new visiting hours
  • Improving quality and efficiency - fractured hips
  • Introducing our new Council of Governors
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Summer 2010

  • Nominate yourself as a Governor!
  • Celebrating successes in Maternity Services
  • Making our contribution count
  • High ratings for patient environments welcomed
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Spring 2010

  • Registration with CQC
  • Long term plans for St Peter’s
  • How are we living our Trust values?
  • Staff Achievement Awards 2010
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Winter 2009

  • Successful hygiene spot check
  • Improving Maternity Services
  • Annual Performance Rating 2008/09
  • Safeguarding your Privacy and Dignity

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