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An inspiring and insightful visit

Earlier this week Aileen and I were delighted to support Heather as she hosted a visit from Cecilia Anim, President of the Royal College of Nursing. Cecilia took time out of her very busy schedule to come and meet nursing and other colleagues at the Trust on Wednesday, accompanied by two senior officers from the South East Region, Adele Longley and Millie Simms. We were also pleased to have with us Melaine Coward from the University of Surrey and Jenny Faulkner from the Royal Surrey County Hospital.

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Connecting with our community

Earlier this week we held our Annual Members Meeting at Ashford Hospital. This is our big public event of the year, and our opportunity to tell members more about the work we are doing and the improvements we continue to make for patients. Our members come from the local community and importantly of course also include our staff.

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Rising to the challenge

You will all have read about the devastating fire at Weybridge Hospital that started on Tuesday evening. Fortunately no-one was hurt but the hospital has been completely destroyed with the wreckage now in the process of being demolished, which must come as a huge blow to the local community.

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"What good looks like"

Earlier this week, we hosted an important visit from two key national figures, Professor Tim Briggs from the Get it Right First Time programme (focused on improving clinical quality and efficiency by reducing unwarranted variations in care) and Lord Carter, who led a recent review on hospital efficiency resulting in recommendations on how to become a Model Hospital. You can read more about both of these by following these links: Get it Right First Time; Model Hospital.

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Chief Executive's Message

On a regular basis, our Chief Executive sends a message to staff about events at the hospitals, special achievements, and plans for the future.

We shall be adding them to this section as well as including them on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

From time to time, we shall ask other members of the Trust Board and clinical team to give their perspective on the week in our hospitals.