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You can help to ensure your discharge from hospital is a smooth process.

It is very important that your discharge from hospital is planned in advance to ensure that the care and support you will need at home starts on time.


Do you think you will have any problems managing at home?

Please let us know of any problems you think you may have and give the information to a member of staff on the ward or the Discharge Co-ordinator, so your concerns may be discussed and addressed before your discharge.


Have you arranged transport following your discharge from hospital?

Hospital transport is only provided for patients who are immobile and require assistance to transfer. Make sure you have informed relatives that you will be discharged so they can arrange transport for you.


Is everything ready for you at home?

For example:

  • Do people know you are coming home?
  • Do you have a key?
  • Have you got sufficient food and heating in the house?
  • Have the support Services been informed?
  • Has the equipment you need been provided?


The Discharge Lounge

If you are not collected from the ward before 11.00 hours, you will be taken to the Discharge Lounge where meals, drinks, snacks and other useful services will be provided.

The Discharge Lounge at St. Peter's Hospital is open between 08.30 and 21.00 hours.