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Special bays for patients with dementia officially opened at St Peter’s Hospital

Two new bays designed specifically for patients with dementia were officially opened on Swift and Holly Wards at St Peter’s Hospital on Monday 25th July, by special guest Tommy Whitelaw.


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New SAFE test introduced for pregnant women

The maternity unit at St Peter’s Hospital is offering a new, non-invasive prenatal test, known as ‘SAFE’, to evaluate with remarkable accuracy whether a pregnancy is at risk of certain chromosomal conditions, such as Down’s syndrome.


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Ashford and St Peter’s accredited as a centre of excellence for its clinical coding

Ashford and St Peter’s clinical coding service was recently accredited to become a clinical coding academy, one of only three centres across the country.

Suzanne's Message

Their legacy lives on

Reflecting on the last week, I’m left ever more convinced of the importance of empathy in every interaction we have with our patients.

On Monday we were delighted to welcome Tommy Whitelaw – a passionate campaigner on behalf of people with dementia – who came to St Peter’s to open our new dementia friendly bays on Holly and Swift wards. Tommy draws on his own experience of being a full time carer for his mum to travel the country raising awareness of the condition and importantly to help people understand the needs of patients and their families living with dementia. Having empathy and understanding is half the battle and helps us adapt our behaviour so we can care for our patients in the best way possible ... read the full message