We have a highly talented team supporting Research and Development at the two hospitals. You can click on their names to read more about each staff member.


R&D Management Team

Dr David Fluck Medical Director and Executive Lead for R&D  
Professor Pankaj Sharma R&D Director 01932 723534
Dr Isaac John R&D Deputy Director 01932 722901


Dr Monica Nordstrom Respiratory Physician 01932 722310
Prof Jill Shaw Honorary Nurse Consultant  


Claire Atkinson Research Divisional Lead (Women’s Health & Paeds) 01932 723349
Freda Gomes R&D Support Manager 01932 723349
Catherine Gray Research Divisional Lead (Surgery & Oncology) 01932 723798
Jemma Lowe Research Senior Pharmacist 01932 723742
Isobel Wallace Research Finance Manager 01932 722355
Emma Young Research Divisional Lead (Medicine) 01932 722924


Ana Glennon Research Assistant 01932 723534
Flabiola Gomes Research Administrator 01932 723534
Marie Buckley Researcher (Rheumatology) 01784 884387
Gillian Carey Senior Research Sister (Neurology) 01932 723349
Victoria Frost Senior Research Sister (Surgery & Oncology) 01932 723534
Nicky Holland Research Sister (NICU) 01932 722015
Leon Palmer-Wilson Research Physiotherapist 01932 723534
Rakhi Patel Research Respiratory Physiologist 01932 722310
Lorna Walding Senior Research Sister (Paediatrics) 01932 723564
Maggie Walsh Researcher (Rheumatology) 01932 723459
Lisa Sharpe Senior Research and Clinical Midwife 01932 723349
Jessica Law Researcher (Cardiology)  
Stephanie Ivie Researcher (Surgery and Oncology) 01932 723534 
Dr Jack Stewart Junior Clinical Research Fellow in Cardiology  
Maria Croft Research Assistant  


We also have beneficially relationships with local academic establishments and a number of our clinical staff are visiting fellows and lecturers.


Honorary Senior Lecturers at Royal Holloway, University of London Mr Phillip Burns Surgery
Mr Shaheen Khazali Women’s Services
Dr Peter Reynolds Paediatrics
Mr Ashad Khali Orthopeadics
Dr Gulam Patel Rheumatology
Dr Riyaz Kaba Cardiology
Dr Isaac John Genetics
Dr David Cartwright Biochemistry


Visiting Lecturers, Royal Holloway, University of London Dr Rod Hughes
Dr Mike Irani


Visiting Senior Fellow, University of Surrey Dr Martha J Wrigley


Honorary Lecturer, University of Surrey Dr Martha J Wrigley