The programme aims to offer a contemporary update in professional, clinical and theoretical aspects of clinical practice for nurses and midwives wishing to return to practice.

This will enable returning practitioners to renew their registration and re-enter registered practice with the confidence that their skills are up-to-date and knowledge current. These practitioners will then be able to contribute to clinical effectiveness through their capacity to deliver safe and effective standards of patient and client care.

The module is designed for all practitioners previously entered on the Professional Register and who have had a break in practice and wish to return to the profession. Nurses and Midwives undertake the programme at Level 6. (Please see page 2 of this flyer for application criteria).


Module presentation and content is via ‘SurreyLearn’

SurreyLearn is a new approach for online learning. All assistance and guidance for use is provided within the student’s common room within SurreyLearn.


Module Content

The needs of each course member will be assessed and plans for study and clinical/practical experience structured to the individual’s requirements. The knowledge and skills required to achieve the module outcomes form the content of the taught days, the format of which is three common foundation days and fie specialist branch days. Trust induction and orientation are also required to be completed (up to four days).


Lisa Punter
Lead Nurse Recruitment and Development
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