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The Stroke Unit at the Ashford and St Peters Hospital is committed to providing the best treatment and care possible to its stroke patients.

The Acute Stroke Unit is based within the modern Duchess of Kent Wing at St Peters Hospital. It provides inpatient and outpatient services for patients who have had a stroke or who are suspected of having had one. The stroke unit provides hyperacute stroke and neurology services, supported with cardiac monitoring and specialist nursing and consultant care.

Because the Stroke Unit is within a modern specialist unit, it has access to interventional equipment and a wealth of expertise. It also works closely with the hospital's Vascular Surgery Department.

The Stroke Unit has 2 consultants and a multi-disciplinary staff including specialist therapists and specialist nurses. Patients who are suspected of having a stroke are admitted to the Unit for evaluation. This may include the following tests: a CT scan; a carotid artery Doppler and ECG (electrocardiogram).

There are 30 acute and longer stay stroke beds at St Peters Hospital. Patients needing further rehabilitation may be transferred to the neurorehabilitation service at either Ashford hospital, Woking community or the Bradley Unit.

Outpatient services include a follow up clinic for patients who have had a stroke and a one-stop clinic for those who have had a transient ischaemic attack (TIA). This is a 'mini stroke' where the blood supply to the brain is only briefly interrupted and symptoms of stroke are temporary

The Unit is part of the South East Stroke Research Network,, one of eight networks in the UK, which aims to promote stroke research to doctors and patients, and provide opportunities for collaboration.

The Stroke Unit provides a 24 hour, 7 days a week service for thrombolysis (giving 'clot-busting' drugs to break down blood clots).



Ward Managers

  • Cedar ward (Male patients): Sarah Hill
  • Holly ward (Female patients): Helen Young

Level 4 Duchess of Kent Wing


HASU Visiting Times

Monday to Sunday: 3pm – 4.30pm, 6pm – 8pm.

Only 2 visitors will be permitted per patient.

In exceptional circumstances the nurse in charge can make the decision for visiting to be permitted outside these hours.


Phone numbers

  • Cedar Ward: 01932 722003
  • Holly Ward: 01932 722011



  • Dr Raad NARI
  • Dr C RUSSO


Stroke Specialist Nurse Team: 7 days a week 8am-8pm

  • Claire Barratt - Lead Stroke Specialist Nurse
  • Emma Fletton - Stroke Specialist Nurse
  • Lisa Sweeney - Stroke Specialist Nurse
  • Stroke Office - 01932 722924