Members of our neonatal team talking

The medical care for your baby will be supervised by one of our Consultant Neonatologists. We have a team of 7 consultants here at St Peter's Hospital.


Head of Midwifery and Divisional Chief Nurse

  • Konstantina Stavakelli


Divisional Director for Women's Health and Paediatrics

  • Dr Faris Zakaria



  • Dr Susan Heggarty (Deputy Transport Lead, Cardiac Special Interest)
  • Dr Tracy Lawson (Deputy College Tutor, NCOT Lead and Neurodisability Special Interest)
  • Dr Stamatina Leontiadi (Developmental Care Lead)
  • Dr Peter Martin (Speciality Lead)
  • Dr Tosin Otunla (Transport Lead and Cardiac Special Interest)
  • Dr Vennila Ponnusamy (TCU Lead, In House Simulation Lead and Neurodisability Special Interest)
  • Dr Peter Reynolds

He or she will be responsible for the overall medical care of your baby and will meet with you at regular intervals, sometimes even after your baby has gone home. The other neonatologists will also help to care for your baby and make decisions. All of the neonatologists are supported by a team of doctors including an Associate Specialist, Specialist registrars, Clinical Fellows, Senior House Officers (SHO's), Foundation Doctors and Advanced Neonatal Nurses Practitioners who provide the daily medical care.


Members of the Team


Associate Director of Nursing

  • Anjanee Neat



  • Sara Jane Robertson


Senior Sisters

  • Debbie Smith
  • Celia Low
  • Sue White
  • Sarah Ord
  • Louise Martin
  • Maria Jose-Beale
  • Nora Chin
  • Alice D'Souza
  • Sophie Maxwell


Advanced Neonatal Nurse Practitioner

  • Vanessa Sturt
  • Gemma Finch
  • Amy Smith


Our matron Sara Jane Robertson with the support of her senior sisters leads a large team of specially trained neonatal nurses and nursery nurses caring for your baby 24 hours a day. The nurse in charge each shifts wears a large yellow badge. If you have any concerns please bring them to the attention of the nurse in charge or alternately please contact the matron.

Your baby's nurse will change depending on shift patterns and your baby's needs. The allocated nurse will introduce herself each day. She will be able to fully update you when you visit and answer any questions you may have.


Family Support Coordinator - Jo Willard

Having a baby stay in the NICU for any reason is not what any parent expects when they are first pregnant. All the staff here understands that it can be a time of many ups and downs and as such, want to support you as much as we can whilst your baby is here with us. Our Family Support Coordinator aims to meet with all parents new to the unit in their first few days here.

She is there for support and signposting regarding any difficult issues and feelings that you may have. Individual time can be booked when needed.

  • Jo Willard - 07810 756945
    Monday – Friday
    8am – 4pm


Neonatal Community Outreach Team


Neonatal Community Outreach Team (NCOT)

NCOT is a team of both nurses and nursery nurses who support parents and their baby through the process of preparing for discharge from NICU and to also support the parents at home following discharge.

NCOT also run a multi-disiplinary clinic once a week where parents can bring their baby back to see health professionals if required.

They are fortunate to be able to access a dietician, a speech and language therapist and physiotherapist.

This would be discussed with the parents if their baby required continuing care with the above therapists, or a referral is required.

NCOT will usually visit once a week, but more if required. They aim to see the baby until the first outpatient appointment, which is usually 6-8 weeks after discharge from NICU.

If the baby requires longer term community care we will transfer their care over to the Children's Community Nurses (CCN's) who will continue to look after the baby's needs.


Spiritual support

A Chaplin is normally available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Our unit Chaplain visits weekly and is available for emotional support regardless of religion. If you wish to have a visit from your own Priest or faith leader and you do not have contact details please let the hospital Chaplin know. Our chaplains can get in touch with your local faith representative for you

At St. Peter’s we have a Multi-Faith Centre, which is open to everyone, is on Level 3 by the Duchess of Kent entrance. The Centre is open from 8.00am - 6.00pm each day. Security staff will unlock it at other times if needed. The Centre includes a Chapel, a Multi-Faith Prayer Room, a Quiet Room and an Ablutions Room for the use before prayer of those whose practice it is to observe ritual washing.

  • Chaplin - 01932 723324


Other staff

You may meet other members of the Neonatal Team who include:

  • Birth reflections counsellor
  • Hearing team
  • Little Roo Charity team
  • Neonatal Equipment Engineers
  • Neonatal Receptionist
  • Neonatal Transport Personnel
  • Neonatal Unit Housekeeping Team
  • Ophthalmologist
  • Paediatric Dietician
  • Paediatric Pharmacist
  • Paediatric Physiotherapist
  • Perinatal midwife
  • Radiographer
  • Radiologist
  • Research Team
  • Safeguarding midwife
  • Speech and language nurse
  • Ward Assistants


Accessibility Options

NICU Numbers

Neonatal Reception
01932 722667

Room 1
01932 723895/6

Annex 1A
01932 726823

Room 2
01932 723420

Room 3
01932 723897

Transitional Care Unit
01932 723238

01932 723839

Family Support
07810 756945

Neonatal Community Outreach Team
01932 723674

Little Roo Neonatal Fund

Little Roo Logo - Click here to find out more

The Little Roo Neonatal Fund is the local charity for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at St. Peter’s Hospital in Chertsey, Surrey.