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Our clinical team:

Mr S. Humadi Bariatric and Upper G.I. Consultant
Mr S. Irukulla Bariatric and Upper G.I. Consultant
Dr D. Cartwright Consultant Chemical Pathologist and Metabolic Medicine
Dr Alenka Miles Consultant Anaesthetist
Dr Lorraine Nanke Clinical Psychologist
Natasha Smith Specialist Bariatric Nurse
Deborah Moyse Specialist Bariatric Dietitian
Claire Holland Bariatric Team Lead
  Pre-operative assessment team


Other members of the team who you may meet or have dealings with include:

Liz Moghtader Secretary to Bariatric Surgeons
Jill Holland Dietetic Secretaries
Hayley Cargill Bariatric Dietitian


Contact details:

Bariatric Reception 01784 884620
Bariatric Clinical Nurse Specialist 01932 722077 or
01932 872000, pager 8971
Bariatric Surgeons Secretary 01932 723380
Dietitians’ Office 01932 722202