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The Prime Minister wrote to Secretaries of State on 31st May 2010 inviting them to support his drive to improve the transparency of how public funds are used. This section represents the Trust's support of the specific commitment to publish details of expenditure over £25,000.

You can view our monthly expenditure reports by clicking here.



Expenditure, to meet the publication criteria, is all individual invoices, grant payments, expense payments or other such transactions that are over £25,000. Expenditure on paybill is excluded from the scope of these disclosures.

Payments for goods and services, grants to 3rd party providers, grant in aid, expenses, rent and policy related lending should all be included. Credit notes over £25,000, transactions with other government departments or public bodies should also be included. Transactions relating to income or the financing or underwriting of debt may be excluded. This includes interest on swaps, hedge payments, claims on defaulting loan payments, credit default swaps.



In certain situations some, limited, transactions may be redacted or be exempt from publication. There may be some transactions that should not be published as to do so would compromise national security, personal security, foreign relations or contravene the law (e.g. the Data Protection Act). The Trust will be following the same publication and exclusion criteria as the Freedom of Information Act.


Publication Schedule

Spend is to be published monthly, by working day 15 after each month end. This will start in November 2010, where spend in October must be published by working day 15 (19th November 2010). Data will be published monthly thereafter. If the data is available before working day 15, it should be published as soon as the department has cleared it for release. Exceptionally in the first year of operation, all spend between 1 April 2010 and 30 September is to be published by 31 October 2010. This is a one off to allow all expenditure for 2010‐11 to be published. This data is to be published in individual monthly files, rather than one large file.

Further information is available at http://data.gov.uk/.

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