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Members of the clinical team in an operating theatre

Statement by the Chief Executive

2021/22 was another year where we faced a major upheaval to our financial and operating environment caused by the COVID pandemic.

We faced sustained operational, workforce and financial pressures, with further waves of COVID combined with increased activity levels putting significant pressure on all our workforce and internal processes. Similar pressures also affected all our wider system partners leading to the need to coordinate our service provision at both a local system and regional level.

Restoring elective services was a major aim for us although this was impacted by the various COVID waves. We continued our focus on preventing infection, further developed the split of our elective pathways in Ashford from the non-elective pathways at St Peter’s and delivered virtual care pathways wherever possible. The consequences of this on our expenditure was significant with turnover increasing substantially to £425.0m in 2021/22 from £387.3m in 2020/21.

We continued with a number of significant new investments intended to fundamentally redesign our offering to both the public and staff. We completed the new ward block at St Peter’s and invested heavily in medical equipment and information technology. We continued to lease temporary modular theatres and endoscopy units across both sites to accelerate our elective recovery trajectories. We also continued with our Surrey Safe Care programme to roll out the Cerner electronic patient record in a single instance in partnership with the Royal Surrey Hospital – this went live in May 2022.

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