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There are many websites and books on weight loss surgery. You may find some of the information contradictory; if you are ever in doubt please contact our team to discuss this.

Below are some sources of information you may find helpful.

  • www.amazon.co.uk/Living-Bariatric-Surgery-Managing-weight/dp/113217123
  • www.bomss.org - The British Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Society
  • The Weight Loss Surgery Workbook: Deciding on Bariatric Surgery, Preparing for the Procedure, and Changing Habits for Post-Surgery Success. Develop Your Personal Plan for Weight Loss Surgery Success. 2011. Doreen Samelson. New Harbinger Publications.
  • The Diet Trap: feed your psychological needs and end the struggle with weight loss using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. 2014. Jason Lillis, JoAnne Dahl and Sandra Weinland. New Harbinger Publications.
  • Weight Escape Workshop Book. Stop fad dieting, start losing weight and reshape your life using cutting edge psychology. 2014. Joseph Ciarrocci, Ann Bailey and Russ Harris. Penguin books. www.theweightescape.com/
  • Susan Albers. Eat, drink and be mindful. eatingmindfully.com/
  • Mindful eating, mindful life. Thich Nhat Hanh & Dr Lilian Cheung Savor.
  • Mindfulness for Health. A practical guide to relieving pain, reducing stress and restoring wellbeing. Piatkus. Vidyamala Burch and Danny Penman.


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