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Welcome to the Acute Medical Unit (AMU)

Services provided by the department

The Acute Medical Unit (AMU), also often called the acute assessment unit (AAU) or medical admissions unit (MAU), is the first point of entry for patients referred to hospital as an acute medical emergency (AME) by their GP and those requiring admission from the Emergency Department. Its primary role is to provide rapid definitive assessment, investigation and treatments for patients.

AMUs have been established in many NHS hospitals and the specialities has evolved rapidly over the past decade. New medical teams with Consultants in Acute Medicine have been established leading to a redesign of the way medical care is delivered.

AMUs are distinctly different to that of general wards in St Peters and are configured with operational policies to provide an optimal environment for high quality of medical and nursing assessment, and care, 24 hours a day, over 7 days a week prior to admission, discharge or transfer to the appropriate environment.


The Acute Medicine Unit is open:

  • For all (haemo-dynamically-stable) GP adult medical referrals.
  • 24/7 - Mon to Sun inclusive.

We are on level 2 Duchess of Kent wing (by pharmacy) St Peter's Hospital.

Telephone: 01932 722010

AMU at St Peter's Hospital

The following pages will introduce you to the AMU and will explain some of the important aspects of you care, treatment and discharge. The unit is committed to ensuring you are discharged home safely as soon as you are medically fit.