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Christine Redmond

Christine Redmond recently joined us in the new role of Emergency Surgery Nurse Co-ordinator. She will be working with high-risk patients who require emergency surgery, particularly those with acute abdominal conditions who may need emergency laparotomy, to ensure their journey is as quick and streamlined as possible. Chrissy will also help collate essential data for the National Emergency Laparotomy Audit.

Chrissy explains: "For patients who are acutely unwell and need an emergency operation, time is really important. There are lots of things we need to ensure this happens quickly - such as identifying any signs of SEPSIS, beginning any necessary antibiotics or fluids and ensuring they are referred to the surgical team straight away. We then have a small window of time to prepare for surgery and get the patient to theatre, whilst ensuring that the right aftercare (such as a bed in ICU if required) is all in place. My role is to make sure all this happens as smoothly as possible, so the patient receives the right care at the right time and outcomes are as good as they can possibly be."