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There is a slight delay to our merger plans and it is now expected that the boards of both Trusts will make a decision on how to progress in January 2016, rather than December as originally planned.

This is because work is ongoing to refresh the full business case and long-term financial plans for the merger. Since these documents were first drafted, the NHS as a whole has experienced considerable operational and financial challenges, affecting both Trusts. Chief Executive Suzanne Rankin said “We still firmly believe that bringing our two organisations together is the right thing to do to ensure a strong and resilient future, but we need to be clear that the longer-term financial models and plans for the merger, which span the next five years, provide a merged Trust which is sustainable and a success for our patients.”

If you would like to hear more about our merger plans, please feel free to attend one of our public meetings. They are open to everyone and a good opportunity to share your views and ask any questions.