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The MDT Co-ordinators

For those diagnosed with cancer or awaiting diagnosis, there is a team of people at Ashford and St Peter’s who work together to give patients the best treatment and care available. This team consists of surgeons, doctors, radiologists, oncologists, histopathologists and clinical nurse specialists, all with expert knowledge to help manage patient care and produce an effective treatment plan. This is called a Multi Disciplinary Team (MDT). Central to the success and efficient administration of the MDT is one of our hardworking Multi Disciplinary Team Co-ordinators.

We have eight MDT Co-ordinators, plus a support co-ordinator and clinical officer based at St Peter’s. The team look after over 11,000 suspected cancer referrals and track each and every patient to ensure that investigations, specialist consultations and decisions are made with the patient as quickly and smoothly as possible. All the teams recognise this can be a very stressful time for patients and their families. They really care about making sure they get things right and are committed to providing a high quality service and patient experience.     

Each member of the team works on an assigned range of patients diagnosed with a particular type of cancer. ‘While we don’t actually meet or liaise with our patients, we take an enormous amount of satisfaction from knowing we are working towards our patients’ care and wellbeing and that our role is pivotal to an effective treatment plan’, agreed the team.