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Occupational Therapists and patient

Ashford and St Peter's Therapies Team comprises many skilled professionals; occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech and language therapists, dementia care specialists and dietitians, who provide invaluable care, working across teams, to support our patients' recoveries.

In short, our therapists provide treatment that helps transform people's lives. You'll find our therapists working across a range of departments to help people restore movement and function and manage long term conditions.

Kathy Anderson, Acting Therapy Lead, explains, 'We work across a range of inpatient and outpatient services for both adult and paediatric patients, and are seen as an integral part of a patient's treatment plan. We manage a range of patients. In the acute setting, therapists provide timely assessment and intervention to support our patients’ safe and timely discharge from our care, providing advice and linking with a range of community services to help patients adjust to a functional life at home. Our outpatient services range from patients following an amputation, to those requiring assessment and management for long-term home non invasive ventilation, and those with Musculoskeletal (MSK) injuries and conditions.

In the MSK service, patients can be offered classes including those designed to aid mobility and movement, and hydrotherapy classes in the therapy our pool.

Dan Groves, Therapy Lead for MSK Physiotherapy adds, 'As a department we are getting busier. With around 3,800 patient attendances each month, it's important that our patients uphold and attend their therapy appointments. I am pleased to say that the service receives continually positive feedback from Friends and Family test, and the outpatient team won the Wow! award for pride in our team last year.

Liz Hedges, Therapy Lead for Dietetics and Speech and Language Therapy, explains that her team covers a wide range of work across inpatients, outpatients, and into the community. The dietetics team assess, diagnose and treat conditions related to diet and nutrition across a range of specialties including paediatrics, gastroenterology and bariatrics. Christine Armitage, Associate Director of Therapies and winner of this year’s Chief Executive Award, sums up: “We provide a wide range of services and, as a team, strive to provide high quality patient-centred care, which is essential to the organisation in many different ways.

I am proud of the many different improvement projects that individual members of the team across all grades and disciplines have identified, and are motivated to see through and constantly improve the care that we are providing.”