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At the December conference

Pasha Nasir, Consultant Surgeon, talks colorectal cancer and developments in the department.

After five years at the Trust Pasha Nasir, one of our Consultant Surgeons, says that the colorectal cancer team at St Peter’s hospital is ‘unified, happy and well supported by the Trust’.

Regarded as one of the UK’s leading centres for early detection of colorectal cancer, the service provides specialist care and support for people who develop cancer across the whole of Kent, Sussex and Surrey.

The multi-disciplinary team which includes consultant surgeons, oncologists, radiologists and nurses is increasingly making strides in the fight against colorectal cancer and winning praise from patients and peers along the way.

Colorectal cancer, is a type of cancer that develops in the colon (the longest part of the large intestine) and the rectum, the last several inches of the large intestine before the anus. Patients who come to the service are treated using key-hole surgery which, combined with radio therapy helps speed up recovery.

As well as providing specialist care and support for people across Kent, Sussex and Surrey, the team collaborates with Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham on trials for early rectal cancer. ASPH is also the leading centre for the microscopic finding of non-threatening cells in the anal canal often referred to as AIN (Anal Intraepithelial Neoplasia).

This means that we have clever ways for anal cancer to be picked up early by detecting changes in the region of the abdomen surrounding the anal openings.

Pasha said: “We work hard to ensure our patients are at the heart of everything we do and our patients consistently tell us they are happy with us and the service we provide. Our aim is to continue giving the best possible care”.