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The endoscopy team

We recently announced the introduction of an innovative endoscopic technique, Spyglass® ERCP for identification and treatment of complex biliary tract disorders, enabling earlier and more definitive diagnosis for our patients.

Introduced at St. Peter’s by Consultant Gastroenterologists, Dr Amitabh Naik and Dr Deb Majumdar and coming on the heels of a major expansion of our busy and efficient endoscopy unit, this technique promises to deliver high quality care, aiming for definitive diagnosis in unexplained biliary stricture (narrowing of the bile tube), and in treatment of large bile duct stones.

Consultant Gastroenterologist and Hepatobiliary Lead, Dr Deb Majumdar commented, “So far we have undertaken a few initial cases, the results of which have been extremely promising.

The high quality optics of this equipment provides excellent visualisation of abnormal pathologies inside the bile tube. We are proud to have introduced this technique, available in only a few select centres in UK. In fact, since we work in close collaboration with our regional hepatobiliary centre, in future we would expect to contribute to the treatment / investigations in a number of our regional hepatobiliary patients. This would be in keeping with our vision of developing the endoscopy unit at the Trust as the premier unit in the region.”