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Your hospitals need you! Three terms are the most you can serve as a Governor so several of the existing governors will be coming to the end of their terms in the winter of 2018 or 2019.

Regardless, elections take place every three years and the process is competitive to allow all members who nominate themselves an equal chance of becoming a Governor.

Would you consider standing to be elected as a Governor representing a public or staff constituency? It’s a voluntary position set up by Government statute to ensure there is public representation integrated in NHS Trust workings.

I got involved because I knew many patients and staff in our local hospitals, and I have two grown-up daughters working in the NHS. Also, I am a patient sometimes myself. I do not have private health insurance.

At Ashford and St Peter’s we have an excellent governing body and a great Board. It’s been very rewarding to work as a team and to see the hospitals improve and the staff develop.

Time and again I have attended meetings and come away buzzing with the sense of energy of healthcare professionals who exert themselves every day to do the right thing; first time and every time. The ethos of putting patients first, having a passion for excellence, taking personal responsibility and being proud of our team are not just slogans — but a culture that is being embodied more and more across the hospitals. Yes, of course, there are many challenges to be addressed in our hospitals, however, as Abraham Lincoln is supposed to have said: ‘He has a right to criticise, who has a heart to help’. So do come and play your part if you can commit on average two hours a week.

Please look out for further information in the next edition of Aspire about elections coming up this year and how to apply. If you have any queries, please contact Anu Sehdev, Membership and Engagement Manager.


Written by Andrew Ryland Lead Governor & Public Governor for Runnymede, Windsor and Maidenhead