A therapy session

Our physiotherapists have adopted a fun and innovative approach to recovery. Fractured neck of femur (hip fracture) patients can now enjoy an exciting group session together, doing their recovery exercises to live guitar music (pictured above).

Whilst being guided by their physiotherapist, each patient performs an exercise along to music played and sung by their Nurse, Lloyd Balatongan.

The original idea of the exercise class came from the physiotherapy team at St Peter’s Hospital, following various discussions on how they could meet the National Hip Fracture Database (NHFD) requirement for providing strength and balance training for these patients.

Physiotherapist Rachel Parrot says: “We were already providing exercises, but we wanted to improve these in line with national guidance. Also, as research shows that group sessions are more effective, with a fun element providing interaction and encouragement, we decided this would be an excellent way forward. Lloyd has played his guitar on the ward many times before and this has always been enjoyed by the patients. It really encourages them along with their exercises and some even join in with the singing!”

Patient feedback has been excellent, with comments such as:

“It breaks up the monotony and keeps the brain active. It is lovely to meet the other patients, and we all look forward to it.”

“The music brightens us up, especially with songs that we can join in on and that bring back happy memories.”