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Since our strategy was last refreshed in 2013, the healthcare landscape has changed significantly and the focus is on modernising the way the NHS delivers care to patients.

This is why we have re-assessed our vision and strategic direction to ensure that everyone is working together to create an organisational infrastructure and culture aligned to meet the needs of the communities we serve.

This revised strategy sets a five year timeframe although we expect to reflect and update this every year through our annual business planning cycle.

Key to this refreshed strategy has been the development, through extensive consultation with colleagues, the Board, clinical leaders and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, of our overall vision and aims.

Our vision is clear. We want to provide an outstanding experience and the best outcome for patients and our teams. Our aims are as clear. We would like every patient to be able to say:

  • I was treated with compassion
  • I was involved in a plan for my care which I understood and followed
  • I was treated in a safe way without delay

Whilst our key value of ‘patients first’ remains we need to ensure that our teams are part of this and need to feel they are able to give their best and feel valued for doing so.

We are confident that by working together, using this strategy as the blueprint, we can build on successes to date to create a vibrant culture of curiosity and creativity that is the prerequisite to ensuring that every patient and every member of the team feels that they have had an outstanding experience with the Trust and the best outcome is achieved.