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What does it take to provide excellent care to patients? Hard work and lots of fun. Here are some of the highlights. Let’s start with the name!

We listened to our patients, colleagues,/carers, relatives and stakeholders when they said they found our previous name derogatory and co-designed a project to find a new way of describing ourselves. The winner was SAMS (senior adult medical services) which we have adopted across all our areas.

  • We have extended our very successful OPPSU (older person short stay unit) skills into A&E to improve the speed and impact we can have on our population.
  • We got knitting cannula sleeves, so that we could avoid causing unnecessary discomfort to those that had dementia and pulled out required cannulas by giving them something else to “fiddle with”. Donations are always welcome from better knitters.
  • We had “build up rounds” to supplement meal times for those that needed regular, small snacks as well as meals to help gain much needed weight. Ice cream and milk shakes were very much appreciated in the hot weather!
  • We worked on a pilot to introduce red bags with all information needed for the transfer from care homes to hospital and back again with appropriate exchange of information, medication and property.
  • We have regular meetings with care home staff to share learnings and through them reach out to the communities around them.
  • We didn’t stop at small ... But developed a new ethos on the wards of “what matters to you”. This encouraged more meaningful conversation between staff and patients and their relatives/carers focusing on issues that matter to them the most, providing truly individualised compassionate care. The ethos encompassed the same respect and understanding between the multidisciplinary team, improving communication, handover and joy at work!
  • We lead the way in using tools to make patients time valuable and avoid unnecessary waiting in hospital.
  • We used our knowledge of muscle loss with inactivity and that cost to independence to spread the #endpjparalysis message across the hospital.
  • We did this in many ways, but always used all the talent within our hospital to bring the important issues to life. We encouraged patients to get up and dressed and dance with music from our talented nurses.
  • We have worked on better recognition and pathways for those patients with delirium and dementia during their stay, but also support for relatives / carers and better handover to the community for ongoing management and support.
  • We plan to use money won from a very entertaining Dragons Den event, to continue to ensure that if you must be in hospital; you will have the opportunity for mental and physical stimulation during the stay that aim to keep you functioning at the best level you can. We continue to share our learning and work as a team to improve care to those we serve.
  • We had Pyjama parties, movie evenings, aerobics with the Green Goddess and tea dances.