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Winter, and indeed spring are particularly busy times for us at ASPH and this year is no exception.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of the fantastic team ASPH for your hard work and dedication in seeking to provide patients with the best possible care in what remains an extremely busy and pressurised time.

As we head into spring, we are looking forward to a number of exciting upcoming projects which will really kick start the ASPH Transformation Programme. As you will have read about in the last edition of Aspire, the Transformation Programme is already well underway with the demolition of the ramp, provision of additional car parking and the sale of the West site at St Peter’s as well as the estates yard in Ashford to release the much needed funds for the next stage. We will keep you updated on progress across both sites with this exciting programme of transformation.

We have also embarked upon a large scale Outpatient Transformation Project which will enable us to provide more effective and efficient outpatient care and importantly see a significant change in the model of outpatient care which has essentially not changed since the NHS launched almost 71 years ago! This will be a longer term project but one that we are sure will greatly improve the way in which we provide these services.

One event that we are really looking forward to is the very first ASPH Community Day which is being held at St Peter’s on Saturday 6th July. This is our opportunity to enable the public, patients and staff to come together for a celebratory, engaging and interactive day during which we can highlight improvement projects, and development plans as well as share some new innovations and aspects of which we are proud. Importantly we are hoping to stimulate a reinvigorated sense of community spirit as well generate careers in the NHS.

We’re also delighted to be able to welcome Playwright Brian Daniels and his team during the coming months to perform four poignant healthcare plays for ASPH staff. One of these plays, ‘Hello, my name is’ will be particularly special as we are welcoming Chris Pointon, husband of the late heroic and inspirational Dr Kate Granger, to speak about the #hellomynameis campaign which we will be relaunching across the Trust later this year.

Once again thank you all for your hard work; we are looking forward to the development and progress of all these exciting projects and programmes over the next few months and sharing them with all of you.


Suzanne Rankin and Andy Field