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After looking at ways in which they could improve patients' experience whilst staying in hospital, the team on the Senior Adult Medical Serivces Ward (SAMS) decided to create a sociable area for patients and visitors which they have named the "Community Corner".

The Community Corner is an area on the ward which has been set up as somewhere for people to socialise, read, play games or watch TV. It’s a cheery, sociable area and a great idea from the team to improve patient wellbeing, encouraging patients to get up and move around throughout the day and providing an area where they can rest and eat which is away from their bed. The area has been painted brightly in order to create a different look to the rest of the ward and to feel less clinical.

Specialist Physiotherapist Paula Watts and Dementia and Admiral Nurse Lead Dave Sills were behind the idea, and with the support of Consultant Physician Clarence Chikusu, they created this areaDave even kindly donated his office furniture to be used!

Consultant Physician, Clarence Chikusu supports the initiative and says, “It has been well documented and understood that deconditioning in hospital is not only about the physical aspect but also the emotional and psychological. Initiatives such as the community corner create a social environment where we remove boredom, improve social interaction and encourage conversation. For the time these patients are in hospital, we want to bring them as close to a home away from home experience as possible and make their transition to discharge smoother and happier.”