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We are really excited to host a series of healthcare plays for staff at St Peter’s later this year. Playwright Brian Daniels was commissioned back in 2016 by the National Council for Palliative Care and funded by NHS England, to write three plays about end of life care based on real life stories, with the aim of providing professional development and powerful insight for healthcare staff.

The success of this led to him being commissioned by other healthcare bodies to produce further plays on prominent medical and social issues and has been touring organisations, charities and NHS Trusts across the country performing these plays since.

Information about the plays, dates, times and locations are as follows:

  • 10th June 2019- ‘Both Sides Now’, from 11-12.30, in Ashford Education Centre, Lecture Theatre.
  • 8th July 2019-‘Fighting for Life’, from 11-12.30, in St Peter’s Education Centre, Lecture Theatre.
  • 16th September-‘Hello, my name is’, from 11-12.30, in St Peter’s Education Centre, Lecture Theatre.

The ‘Hello, my name is’ performance will be particularly significant for ASPH. The play is based on the experience of the heroic and inspirational Dr Kate Granger, a geriatrician who was diagnosed with a rare cancer in 2011 and sadly died four years later. The experience of her illness gave rise to the “#hellomynameis” campaign, working with her husband Chris Pointon to improve patient care through encouraging healthcare staff to introduce themselves to patients and create a personal connection. We are delighted that Chris, who has continued the campaign following her death, is joining us for this special play to give a talk and help re-launch this amazing and important campaign across the Trust.