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‘Do not eat’ Guidelines

Morning Admissions - No food including milk from 12 midnight, then water only until 7.00am. It is advised that patients to have a snack and drink prior to going to bed but before midnight.

Afternoon Admissions - Early light breakfast before 7.00am, e.g. 2 Slices of toast / cereal. No Food including milk from 7.00am, then small quantities of water only until 11.30am.

Please do not chew gum or suck on sweets on the day of your admission. Please be advised that non-compliance to ‘do not eat’ instructions may lead to the cancellation of your procedure on the day.



On the morning of your procedure take your medication as normal, unless instructed otherwise by the Pre-Assessment Team. Please bring all of your medications into hospital with you.



Please bring in a dressing gown and slippers or sensible shoes. Please do NOT wear flip flops. Wear loose comfortable clothing.

Please remove make-up, contact lenses, jewellery, nail varnish and false / gel nails.

Please shower the day of operation.

Lockers will be provided for your personal belongings. NO VALUABLES



If there are any changes in your health between your Pre-Operative Assessment and your admission, including if you are unwell on 2-3 days leading up to your procedure please inform the Pre-Operative Assessment Team:-

St Peter’s Hospital - 01932 722651 (Answer phone) or 01932 722498 (Monday – Friday 8.00am – 5.00pm)

If you are unwell on the day of your procedure please contact the Day Surgery Unit you are due to be admitted to:-

  • Ashford Hospital, Day Surgery Unit - 01784 884127 or 01784 884609
  • Admissions Lounge, St Peter’s Hospital - 01932 723964


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Protecting Your Online Privacy

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