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Venue: Chertsey House, St Peter's Hospital

2.00pm to 4.30pm

Agenda – Open Session


  Action Lead Report
  Declaration of Interest in the proceedings      
1 Apologies      
2 Minutes Decision AMcL Paper 2.0
3 Matters Arising      
4 Reports      
4.1 Chairman's Report Receive AMcL Paper 4.1
4.2 Chief Executive’s Report Receive AL Paper 4.2
5 Quality and Safety      
5.1 IGAC Minutes Receive PB Paper 5.1
5.2 Quality Report Assurance SR / MI Paper 5.2
5.3 Safer Staffing Levels Assurance SR Paper 5.3
5.4 Medical Appraisal and Revalidation Decision MI Paper 5.4
5.4.1 Annual Organisational Audit Questionnaire     Paper 5.4.1
5.6 Trust Risk Register Assurance MI Paper 5.6
5.7 Board Assurance Framework Decision GR Paper 5.7
6 Performance      
6.1 Performance Report Assurance VB Paper 6.1
6.2 Elective Care Intensive Support Team Report Assurance VB Paper 6.2
6.3 Balanced Scorecard Assurance DH / SM Paper 6.3
6.4 Finance Committee Minutes Receive JG Paper 6.4
6.5 Finance Committee Annual Report Receive JG Paper 6.5
6.6 Workforce and OD Committee Minutes Receive SE Paper 6.6
6.7 Workforce and OD Committee Terms of Reference Decision SE Paper 6.7
7 Strategy and Planning      
7.1 Blue Badge Parking Assurance VB Paper 7.1
7.2 Progress with Strategic Objectives: Q1 Assurance SM Paper 7.2
7.3 Nursing and Midwifery Strategy Decision SR Paper 7.3
8 Regulatory      
8.1 Audit Committee Minutes Receive TP Paper 8.1
8.2 Audit Committee Terms of Reference Decision TP Paper 8.2
9 Any Other Business      
10 Questions from the Public      

Next meeting:

25th September 2014, Ashford Hospital



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