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We are based at the Stephanie Marks Diabetes Centre at St Peter’s Hospital. We work closely with diabetes specialist nurses (DSNs) and diabetes consultants to help individuals with diabetes mellitus or gestational diabetes to optimise their glucose control and improve their long-term health and/or quality of life.



Offer specialist evidence-based dietary advice to people with diabetes while considering a variety of factors including diabetes medications, blood glucose and lifestyle

  • Provide structured education to people with type 1 diabetes at our group STEPH course
  • Offer one-to-one consultations at diabetes dietitian clinics
  • Provide one-to-one consultations to women with gestational diabetes at our weekly MDT clinics
  • Interpret glucose data from food and glucose diaries or continuous / flash glucose monitoring systems and apps to determine the effects of food, beverages, physical activity, alcohol, and diabetes medication/insulin on blood glucose levels
  • Provide advanced carbohydrate counting education to people who have been referred for insulin pump therapy
  • Assist patients to use special insulin pump features (extended bolus features and temporary basal rates) to improve blood glucose control around mealtimes
  • Provide input to diabetes team treatment decisions where these relate to


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