Services provided by the department

The Nutrition and Dietetics service based within Ashford and St Peter's provides services to patients, staff and local population throughout the Surrey PCT (North West Locality).

The service encompasses dietary advice and/or nutritional support to inpatients and outpatients referred from consultants and other health professionals.

The service also provides an educational role both to patient groups and a wide range of health professionals, as well as liaison and advice to the catering team.

Inpatient services are offered to all wards at Ashford and St. Peter’s and to Walton and Woking Community hospitals, which receive weekly visits. We also offer management and support to all patients on home enthral feeds.


Our Clinical Team

The clinical team in the department are:

Sarah HAVARD / Catherine CASEWELL

Chief Dietician and Paediatrics

Caroline GOODGER

Nutrition Support



Debbie MOYSE

Bariatric Services


Stroke Team

Elizabeth BOWEY

Community Services