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The exterior of a ward block by the Duchess of Kent entrance at Saint Peter's Hospital

On the day you leave the hospital, you may be moved to Discharge Lounge.

You will be provided with either a bed or a chair, depending on your mobility. The main purpose of the Discharge Lounge is to help the hospital flow by creating acute beds. It is a designated area for patients that are waiting for their medications or transport when they are medically fit to leave the hospital to their planned discharge destination.

Discharge Lounge is staffed by 2 registered nurses and 2 healthcare assistants who will facilitate your discharge. The Lounge staff will work closely with the ward staff, transport, social services and pharmacy to ensure your safe discharge from the hospital. We are facilitating discharge as per handover received from the ward.


The time you spend in Discharge Lounge will depend on the following:

  • Discharge Letter and TTO
  • Transport
  • Cares arrangement


The Discharge Lounge is open:

  • Monday to Friday 0800-2100
  • Weekends and Bank Holidays 0900-1700

The unit is located next to Heron ward and near the Urology Centre. There is an easy access just right outside the Urology Centre to collect patients from the Discharge Lounge.

Direct Line: 01932 722933 / 3970


The Lounge staff will provide:

  • A relaxing environment with comfortable seating, television and magazines.
  • Hot meals, snacks and refreshments will be provided throughout the day.
  • Toilet facilities are available. You will be assisted by the staffs depending on your needs.


The Discharge Lounge nurse will assist you with:

  • The medications you require to take home with you. These will be explained to you by a trained member of staff.
  • Follow up District nurse referrals if needed.
  • Administer any medications as needed and indicated.
  • Liaise with Social Services, IDB, Discharge Coordinators and care providers.
  • Liaise with transport.
  • Liaise with pharmacy.
  • Contact next of kin.
  • Check observations when needed.
  • Health education on Discharge.
  • Any support you in all matters relating to your discharge.



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