Emma Young

Emma Young

Research Divisional Lead for Medicine

MSc BSc (Hons)


Emma is the Research Divisional Lead for Medicine at Ashford and St Peter's Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Her research experience includes both academic and clinical research. Emma gained her MSc in Health Psychology in 2005 and went onto work as an assistant psychologist at Hillingdon Hospital mainly working with patients with COPD in the Breathlessness Clinic and patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome undergoing psychological support. She also supported the R&D department with literature reviews and ongoing clinical trials.

Emma then went onto gain academic experience working as the lead researcher at the University of Surrey on the New Dynamics of Ageing NDA Initiative project; Sleep in Ageing where she was responsible for carrying out all fieldwork, data collection, and analysis in 10 care homes, incorporating both qualitative and quantitative design and analytical dissemination. Emma currently has 4 publications in peer-reviewed journals and has disseminated findings at numerous academic national conferences as a result of this role.

Emma joined the Research department here in 2009 and was responsible for building our renowned stroke research portfolio in the Trust. She then went onto develop our successful Neurology portfolio. She is now responsible for managing the medical research remit and the medical research team which covers varied areas such as cardiology, stroke, respiratory, dermatology, rheumatology, neurology and diabetes.