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Emotional wellbeing
Emotional wellbeing describes how we think, feel and relate to ourselves and others and how we interpret the world around us.


In this section:

Wellbeing Wagon

The wellbeing wagon is run by the Health and Wellbeing team, who make their way around the wards and departments, sharing wellbeing information and goodies for staff to support them through their shift.

On Site Pastoral and Wellbeing Support

Please contact our lead chaplain to have a initial chat.

Resilience Hubs

A free self referral service provided by Surrey and Borders for all Surrey Heartlands staff, offering a range of services from one to one support, to online resources. Find out more here.

Dedicated Psychologist

Available to support critical care staff.

Care First

Care First is Ashford and St.Peter’s Hospital’s Employee Assistance Programme, providing a comprehensive set of services designed to help employers provide a balanced and healthy working environment.

Psychological incident debrief services

This service supports staff following any traumatic event that has happened during a shift. Sessions are timed to last one hour and are confidential. They can be facilitated via MS Teams or in person, or a mixture of both.

The Trust has a team of trained facilitators to lead these debriefs, and they can be arranged by raising a Datix or emailing the Health and Wellbeing team.

Our NHS People

Helping you manage your own health and wellbeing whilst looking after others.

  • Call: 0800 06 96 222
  • Text: FRONTLINE’ to 85258

24 hours a day, seven days a week or visit the website.

Dedicated Filipino Support Service

Available by phone seven days a week between 7:00am- 11:00pm or 24 hours via text- message ‘Frontline’ to 85258.

Emotional Wellbeing Resources

  • Understanding unhelpful thoughts - Labelling
  • Understanding unhelpful thoughts - Black and White Thinking
  • STOPP technique
  • Worry time - Setting times for worrying or not worrying
  • Thought record
  • Positive affirmation journal

Emotional wellbeing
Environmental wellbeing
Physical wellbeing
Cultural wellbeing
Social wellbeing


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Protecting Your Online Privacy

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