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What items do I need to bring to nursery for my child?

Sun cream / sun hats in the summer and gloves, scarfs, wellies and waterproofs in the winter Be it winter or summer we play in the garden most days! Please supply named sun cream in the summer and make sure all clothes are marked with your child’s name.
Comforters / Dummies Please make sure these items are clearly labelled with your child’s name.
Nappies and Wet Wipes / Creams We do not provide these items so please bring enough supplies for your child each day. Thank you.
Change of clothing In case of accidents! Please make sure these are clearly labelled. If your child is potty training you may want to supply us with more than one set of spare clothes.
Food and Drink The nursery provides all food and drink including cow’s milk / soya milk / oat milk. However, parents are very welcome to provide formula/breast milk for babies. Please discuss with your child’s key person any dietary requirements your child may have as we can normally cater for most situations.

Who should I speak to if I have any concerns?

In the first instance you should speak with your child’s Key Worker or Room Leader. Alternatively, you can speak to a member of the Management Team in the office.

What key information do we need to have?

  • Enrolment Booklet - To enable your child to settle at nursery we need you to complete this booklet which gives us information about any food intolerances, allergies or any medical conditions. It also gives us information about their home life, culture and religion.
  • Other documentation - Additionally there will be other documents such as Fee Deduction, salary sacrifice, and nursery contract which must be completed before start date.
  • Collection Arrangements - We will need to know who is authorised to collect your child and this information forms part of the Enrolment Booklet. We will also ask for two emergency contact numbers in case we are unable to contact you.
  • Change of Details - Please inform us immediately if any of your details change, especially mobile or landline telephone numbers.

What about sickness and accidents?

  • Sickness - Please do not bring your child to nursery if they are sick. If we have to contact you we respectfully ask you to respond immediately. We operate a 48 hour exclusion policy with regards to diarrhoea and / or sickness.
  • Medication - If your child is on prescribed medication we are happy to administer this on your behalf subject to your completion of a Medication Consent Form. If your child is asthmatic please supply us with a spare inhaler clearly labelled for use at the nursery.
  • Accidents - If your child has an accident at nursery we will keep a written record and advise you of the details. You will be asked to sign the accident book that is kept in your child’s room. If the accident is serious you will be informed immediately.
  • Infectious diseases - Please see our Policy on “Infection Control Guidelines within a Nursery Setting” which can be found on the Trustweb under Trust Policies.


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