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Our rooms are spacious and fully equipped, comprising of sleep areas with cots and changing areas. The children are organised into age appropriate groups as well as being allowed to mix freely within their room. Our children develop at different stages with some discovering how to move and sit whilst others are crawling and taking their first steps.

All rooms have access to outside space where children can play. We have a comprehensive range of play equipment including a climbing frame with slide, toddler swings, bikes, scooters, a full sized Thomas the Tank Engine, sand pits, water play and a cabin.


Piglets / Caterpillars:
3 months - 1 year

This room looks after our smallest children where they learn to observe and respond to their environment and communicate with those around them.


Bears / Butterflies:
1 - 2 years

From the age of one, children join the Bears/Butterflies room. Here they become more mobile and learn to experience the world through interactive play; their language starts to develop and they start to build relationships with other children.


Roos / Ladybirds:
2 - 3 years

At this stage children are much more confident around each other; they begin to develop exploratory skills and enjoy shared activities such as story time and rhyme time.


Tiggers / Bumblebees:
3 - 5 years

At this age children deepen their understanding of life through talking, experimenting, challenging, observing, and questioning. Their thirst for knowledge grows and many of the activities will be geared towards their on-going needs focusing on going to school and in conjunction with the EYFS curriculum.


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