Flabiola Gomes

Research Assistant


Flabiola joined the Research and Development Department as the R&D and Audit Facilitator, providing administrative support to the research team in 2014.

Flabiola' s IT skills has helped her in her first job, where she constantly has to deal with spread sheets in order to update the research activities and also update the Research knowledge hub website. Flabiola provides support to the R&D Manager with approval of research study amendments.

Fabiola is our Local EDGE Administrator for the Trust and her brilliant skills has helped the department in keeping a track of the Research recruitment & patient activities on the EDGE research database.

Flabiola is also responsible for timely submission of our Clinical Trials Platform (CTP) Data to the NIHR and uploading it onto our research website.

In addition to this, Flabiola works with the anaesthetic team for NELA audit as the 'NELA audit administrator', ensuring the patient records are updated frequently by the consultants within the NELA database.