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We know that hospitals can be confusing and finding your way around can be difficult, so please do ask for help.

You can ask for directions at main reception, or stop any member of staff or a volunteer who will be happy to assist.

For directions to the wards on both hospital sites (along with contact details), please see our ward information.


Ashford Hospital

There are wall maps available across the Ashford Hospital site along with simple signposting.

Ashford Hospital site map

Map of Ashford Hospital


Some of the areas you may visit:


Main Hospital Entrance

Located opposite the central car park, the main entrance at Ashford links to all the hospital areas and also has a convenient cafe area. Do ask our reception staff if you need directions to the clinic areas or the wards (named after poets).





Our newly refurbished outpatients area is opposite the main hospital entrance. There are stairs and a lift to the clinic areas. Around the corner of this building is the Ashford Walk-in Centre and the main public bus stop.




St Peter's Hospital

There are wall maps available across the St Peter's Hospital site along with simple signposting.

St Peter's Hospital site map

Map of St Peter's Hospital


Some of the areas you may visit:


Main Hospital Entrance

The St Peter's site is split into a number of buildings with our main reception area linking to outpatients and therapies. Level 2 of the departmental building contains a cafe, shop, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Nuclear Medicine, and Occupational Therapy. Take the lift, stairs, or escalator to Level 3 for Outpatient clinics and Radiology areas.




Duchess of Kent Wing

To the rear of the site, you can use the Duchess of Kent Wing to access the wards (named after trees) and the discharge lounge. The Education Centre and Health Science Library are adjacent to this entrance. Greenlands staff housing and the Abraham Cowley Unit (part of Surrey and Borders NHS) are opposite.



Abbey Wing

Abbey Wing is our maternity building and there is a reception desk and cafe on the ground floor. You will also find the parentcraft room and ultrasound areas here. On the subsequent levels are the labour and antenatal wards, maternity theatre, and NICU. The top floor contains another set of wards (named after birds). Along the side of the building is the Blanche Heriot sexual health unit.


Stephanie Marks Centre

As you enter the main hospital site from the A320 roundabout, you will see the unusual design of our diabetes centre. There is a small car park to the side of the building. There is also the main parking area beyond this building at the front of the departmental block.



Chertsey House

In this corner of the site is Chertsey House, our administration and conference building. Close by is the Day Nursery, Nightingale House (for pain management patients), and our main restaurant. Opposite this building is the patient appliances workshop.



A&E / Rowley Bristow

Our Accident and Emergency building has a distinctive turret design and is located in the centre of the main St Peter's site. Next to it is the Rowley Bristow Orthopaedic Unit with a small car park to the side. Please note that there is limited spaces and parking is prohibited outside the A&E as the access way needs to be clear for ambulances.



Relevant up-to-date information regarding access to Ashford Hospital can be found at:

For St Peter's Hospital, information can be found here:


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