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Ashford and St Peter's Hospitals' Charity
Tough Mudder Challenge
Tough Mudder Challenge

Congratulations to 74 inspiring and tough team members of our ASPH NHS staff and friends who took on and completed the Tough Mudder challenge in Henley-on-Thames this past weekend.

The NHS Big Tea Party
The NHS Big Tea

The NHS Big Tea returns on 5 July 2024, the NHS’s 76th birthday. The nationwide event is the perfect opportunity to show your appreciation for the incredible NHS staff who continue to care so compassionately for us and our loved ones.

Organise a Big Tea party with your friends: Register your interest in celebrating the 76th birthday of the NHS.
Email me on for more information on how to.

A Forever Thank You
Cassie’s Half Marathon for St Peter’s Intensive Care Unit

As a member of NHS Charities Together, we’re part of a national campaign involving over 230 NHS charities, working to increase awareness about the difference that leaving a gift in your Will can make.

Mike's Running for St Peter's ITU
Mike's Running for St Peter's ITU

On the 2nd of June 2023, I headed out for my afternoon run. This was very usual for me – I was fit, healthy and unaware of any underlying health issues.

Little did I know, this run would be life changing ...

Half Marathons for the ASPH Charity
Half Marathons for the ASPH Charity

Congratulations and thank you to our 14 runners who completed the London Landmarks Half Marathon. We are so incredibly proud of you and thank you to Nuno Pina for arranging.

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How can you fundraise for us?

Donations and Fundraising

Please choose how you would like to donate or fundraise for our charity by selecting one of the below options.



You shop and the retailers make a donation to us! Yes it’s true, you set up an easyfundraising account and use it to purchase products from all your favorite retailers, from Ebay to Amazon, Boots, John Lewis, supermarkets, travel companies etc . You nominate Ashford and St. Peter’s hospitals and we receive their donations – genius!


Events / Challenges

Set up a fundraising page and then organise your own event to raise funds for us, through clubs, schools, neighborhoods, Facebook etc. From dyeing your hair pink to Bungy jumping, organising a ball or mystery murder party, or just spreading the word about our appeals. If you have green fingers then set up a group to adopt one of our courtyards and get your supporters to sponsor you on your fundraising page.


Join our Team

If you enjoy fundraising or are well connected within your community you might like to apply to be a fundraising ambassador? You will need to provide references, undergo DBS clearance and have an informal interview.


Your Work

Many companies welcome staff involvement in charitable work as part of their Social responsibility. For instance many companies will:

  1. match the amount you raise from a sponsored event
  2. welcome inter department challenges
  3. allow staff to contribute the extra pence in their monthly salary payment
  4. allow staff to volunteer with the hospital fundraising team
  5. provide us with a venue to hold an event
  6. enter a formal fundraising partnership with a charity


Fundraising Agreement

Thank you for offering to raise money for the Ashford and St. Peter’s Hospitals’ Charitable Trust Fund (ASPH Charity), registered charity number 1058567.

In order to meet fundraising regulations, we need to make you aware of certain matters to ensure you have a happy and safe fundraising experience. Please take a moment to read and familiarise yourself with the following:

This is an agreement between the Fundraiser and ASPH Charity for the event / activity described on the website, taking place on the date(s) specified.


Protecting Your Online Privacy
Protecting Your Online Privacy

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