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A carer is a person who looks after, or provides regular help to someone who is ill or disabled.

This includes parents of children with disabilities, and young people who have caring responsibilities.


If you are a carer:

  • You will need to identify yourself to the Ward Manager or Nurse in charge as the patient’s carer.
  • You will be asked about the patient's domestic arrangements and any other information required by the nursing staff.
  • Your knowledge of the patient and your role is very important and you will be kept informed of the patient’s progress.
  • You will be given the name of the member of staff who will act as your main link and help you with any concerns. If that person is unavailable, please talk to the Nurse in Charge.
  • You will be given help to make contact with relevant support agencies or organisations.
  • Social Services will be able to give advice and support so you can continue with your other day to day responsibilities, for example childcare, employment or education.
  • You may request a Carer's Assessment. This will be carried out by Social Services to clarify your needs.
  • If you are a child or young adult in a carer's role, you may be given a Young Carer's Assessment. This may include practical help and support.
  • Important information about the involvement of carers in planning discharge is available in the “Planning your Discharge” booklet, which is given to patients on admission.


My family, carers / friends would like to help with my care, is this possible?

Whilst you are in hospital it may be a worrying and difficult time for your relatives and friends.

They may, prior to your admission to hospital, have been providing help or care and now you are temporarily not at home, they may be eager to continue to help. Help from your family, carers and friends can make a big difference to you, and would be very welcome and greatly appreciated by staff.

Please ask one member of your family to act as a link and inform the rest of the family. Unless you specifically request that this does not happen, we will advise close friends and relatives of your general progress.

Staff are not usually permitted to discuss details of your care over the telephone unless this has been specifically agreed.


Can close relatives or friends stay overnight?

In the case of children, there are limited facilities for overnight stays for parents / carers. If accommodation is required, the Nurse in Charge will do their best to arrange this.

There is no accommodation for next of kin/carers of critically ill adult patients, but they are permitted to stay by the patient’s bedside.


Social Services

A Care Manager is available if you need assistance or advice regarding personal, domestic or financial problems. Should you require this service, ward staff will arrange an appointment for you.


Action for Carers

The Hospital Carer Advisor here in St Peter’s is Sam Caine.

Sam supports unpaid carers here at St Peter’s in several ways, she:

  • works closely with hospital staff to identify carers and will also approach carers directly
  • can help bridge any communication gaps between you as the carer, and the hospital
  • can provide you with advice and information, as well as emotional support
  • can speak on your behalf, including at some meetings
  • can signpost you, and your loved one, to further support from other organisations
  • can help with the discharge process, which can be especially challenging for carers.

And after discharge, Sam can arrange further support from Action for Carers, for when you’re back home. For example, support from one of our Advisors working in the community, or our Moving and Handling team if you need to give more physical help to the person you care for, following their hospital stay.


How to get support

Please email Sam This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and she will get back to you as soon as possible. Monday - Thursday, you will usually find Sam at St Peter’s Hospital, and on Fridays at Frimley Park. You can call her on 07989 402764.

For more information about Sam and her role, please see www.actionforcarers.org.uk.


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