Kashif Jabbar

Researcher - Gastroenterology


Kashif has started working as a researcher in the Gastroenterology department for Ashford and St Peter’s Hospital. This is his first research role since completing his undergraduate degree in Biology at Queen Mary University of London and his master’s degree in Cancer Molecular and Cellular Biology at Bart’s Cancer Institute.

Kashif’s previous research experience lies in academia having completed two research projects as part of his degrees in tumour angiogenesis and synthetic lethality in cancer metabolism. He is excited about the prospect of extending his research knowledge and experience into the clinical side as part of our Research and Development team.

His primary trials are TIP, a study looking at the genetic factors of inflammatory bowel disease and AbbVie RIS, a phase 3 biologic drug trial treating severe Crohn’s disease. Both trials have given Kashif insight into the challenges presented by clinical research in the NHS but also with how rewarding it can be knowing we are improving healthcare for not only this generation but future generations too.