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Margaret Skelding with members of the Cardiology team

The Surrey Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator Club (ICDC Surrey) arranged a commemoration event for former Chair, Graham Skelding, at the end of February.

Graham was one of the founder members of ICDC Surrey in 2006, with roles as both Chairman and Treasurer, after suffering a sudden cardiac arrest in the garden of his home in 2004. His wife and daughter saved his life by performing resuscitation before the ambulance arrived, when he was then rushed to St. Peter’s Hospital. Graham was one of the pioneer patients for ICDs at this time and lived with an ICD for 12 years, before sadly passing away on 21st February 2016.

It seemed fitting to the Skelding family to ask for funeral donations towards the work of ICDC Surrey at St. Peter’s Hospital instead of flowers. The money was used to purchase two couches in the Pacing Clinic – where patients who have pacemakers and ICDs are followed up.

Margaret Skelding said: “Graham was committed to developing ICDC Surrey because he felt he wanted to support both the hospital and patients. The professional care he received enabled him to live a normal life and he greatly appreciated all the medical care that he received at the Cardiology Unit at St. Peter’s.”

Ashford and St. Peter’s Hospitals Cardiologist and ICDC Patron, Dr Ian Beeton said: “We, at St Peter’s Hospital, are very grateful to ICDC Surrey, the Skelding family and their friends, for this generous donation. It’s enabled us to purchase two much-needed couches, which have plaques above them as a legacy to Graham’s memory.”

ICDC Surrey is in it’s tenth year and is the only cardiac patient support group in the local area. Dr Beeton adds: “Most people who need an ICD will have experienced a serious and frightening cardiac episode, such as a cardiac arrest. The ICD is inserted just under the collar bone and helps by giving the heart electric pulses or shocks to return an abnormal heart rhythm to a normal rhythm. However, the patient will still be at increased risk of further cardiac problems and that can be very difficult to live with, for both them and their family. ICDC Surrey provide invaluable support for all people with ICDs, their partners and families and is a great forum for discussing concerns and sharing experiences.”


Pictured above is Margaret Skelding with members of the Cardiology team.


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