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At the NICU

On Thursday 19th October, Mr. Sachin Sukhdeo (Head of Pastoral Care and Math’s) and Mrs. Jenifer Duhra (parent), along with her son Kieran of Greenfield School, handed over a cheque for £2000 to Sarah Robertson, Matron at NICU in Abbey Wing, St Peter’s Hospital.

Funds were raised by pupils at the school by selling ice-creams on “Ice-cream Friday” The pupils collected £200 and the rest of the funds were kindly donated by Mr & Mrs Duhra. Mrs. Duhra said: “We need to help babies have the best chance to survive and live a normal life and develop the infrastructure to enable more families to be helped”. Little Roo Charity also received a generous donation last year from Mr & Mrs Duhra.

Sid Hurry’s (Volunteer Charity Coordinator - Little Roo Neonatal Fund) youngest children who attend Greenfield School gave a presentation about the Little Roo charity which is the reason why the school has made the donations.

Sarah Robertson, Matron said “We are very thankful for that money it will go such a long way towards funding medical equipment. Most of our equipment is funded by charity; an incubator alone costs £28,000”.


Pictured above: Mr Sachin Sukhdeo, Mrs Jenifer Duhra, Alex Mann, Jasmine Eccho, Kirean Duhra.


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